Usage Plans

You have a few options in terms of how to use Etiq:

  1. If you are looking to understand if Etiq is the right tool for you then you can sign-up to our dashboard for free and use the library. The results of your tests will be stored on your dashboard instance in our cloud set-up. Our cloud provider is AWS and only you have access to the test results information. Note that your datasets and models will not be sent outside your environment. We recommend you use this during your due diligence process.

  2. If you want to use Etiq within your own environment for test purposes but are weary of sending any information outside your environment, you can use the library only and not login to the dashboard. However by default that will give you limited functionality (you are heavily restricted on the number of features your model and datasets use). This is also free to test, but very limited.

  3. If you want to purchase Etiq for use within your own environment, you have a few options:

    • Are you on AWS - great! You can use Etiq directly from AWS Marketplace.

    • Are you on a different cloud provider - that's ok! Reach out to us and we'll support.

  4. If you want functionality beyond the one available in the test library and dashboard, e.g. explainability, robustness or team share functionality, or if you just want a demo from us, get in touch:

Etiq's free SaaS version is not intended for multiple users/instances to use the same account/token. A temporary notebook environment like Google Colab or using the same key across different machines may lead to unexpected results.

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